One of Reka Afrika’s main goals is to ensure that you are happy with every purchase you make on our online store. For those few times you are unsatisfied with a product (and we hope this is never) we are willing to replace, repair or refund you. This is subject to a few fair terms of cause.


You are allowed to return an unwanted product with no hassles under the following conditions:

– items are unopened, undamaged, sealed as per original sealing, is not missing any parts and the return is made within 14 days of purchase.

N.B: If you are returning the product simply because you do not want it anymore or for some issues that has nothing to do with Reka you will need to either send the item back to us or we will have our courier collect it and you will be charged for the shipping. Please note, any damaged or unsealed products will not be taken back. We will also not accept a return if it is not in a re-saleable condition or is missing anything.

Upon receipt the product will be inspected and if all is well we will credit your account. Refunds can take anywhere around 24hrs and 5 days. This will depend on how busy things are and when the inspection is done. The aim is to do everything within 5 working days (note, this is excluding the time it will take to ship the item back to us).


Items can be exchanged for different styles, sizes, combinations and the likes but you cannot make an exchange based on a price. This is because it creates problems in accounts and and our other departments. Our goals are two-fold; we aim to make both our clients and employees happy and processes like exchanges and returns can cause significant pressure and confusion within various departments.

Please note that such exchanges are also subject to stock availability. You may also have to longer due to a fresh lead time as these exchanges are treated as new orders. Just be sure to be as timely and as clear about your exchange as possible.

N.B: Exchanges will be charged to your account unless the error is on our part so choose wisely. We will aim to make the website as accurate as possible to avoid any issues. If the desired option is not available we will credit your account with the amount of the product. Also, all exchanges must be made with 7 days of the receipt of your purchase. As can be expected, we will inspect the product and determine its eligibility for return. 


At times these things happen and we sincerely apologize. If you receive a product that you did not order we will collect it from you and send you the correct one. If you are no longer interested in your order (maybe due to urgency or some other issue) we will credit your account with a week.

N.B: Upon receipt we will inspect your order and product and if we have truly messed up we will make every attempt to right our wrongs. We apologize profusely in advance.


Unfortunately some products are not eligible for a refund, exchange or credit. These are:

-Sale items

-Reka Vouchers;


-Lingerie, Swimwear or Underwear;

-Jewellery for piercings;

-Used cosmetics;

-Products which have been custom made for you, unless defective.


Should a product be damaged at the time of delivery or collection please notify us as soon as you receive it either via telephone, email or chat. We will arrange to collect the product from you at no charge.

N.B: If you used your own shipping to either collect or return a product then we will not process any returns or issue any refunds. That will be a matter you will have to take up with your courier.


We always aim to quality check all our products before storage or dispatch. If for some reason your order is defective in anyway please feel free to contact us in regards to this and we will do our best to assist.

We will collect any defective products and inspect them. Upon successful inspection we will either refund you or send you a non-defective item after quality checks. We will not make the same mistake twice.

N.B: A defect will be considered as a product issue incurred during the manufacturing process. It affects the look, functionality and longevity of the product.

The following will NOT be regarded as defects and are not eligible for a return, refund or exchange:

-issues resulting from normal wear and tear;

-damage as a result of negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product;

-damage arising from electrical surges;

-damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product;

-damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product;

N.B: Reka Afrika reserves the right to pronounce final judgement on whether an item is defective or not.

(g) Warranties

All items can be returned within 14 days of receipt. If a defect is found within this time  please contact us with the details of the exact details of the defect, how the items has been used etc.

Some products may have their own warranties of which these will be listed on each product. You may need to contact us to be sure.

(h) Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers are like gift cards that you can buy on our website. These can be used to purchase anything on our website to the amount of their value. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers can only be used on our website. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for vouchers.

If a voucher is not working contact us and we will fix the problem for you.

Coupons are electronic discounts that can be used on the website. These usually come in the form of codes. You can only use our coupons on our website. They cannot be exchanged for cash. If you purchase an item using a coupon code and then later want to make an exchange you can only exchange for an item worth the disounted price. When being refunded you will be refunded the discount price as well.

If a coupon is not working please contact us and we will fix the problem for you.

That is all for now. Please note that we reserve the right to continuously update the page at anytime. This is because there are many variables involved in e-commerce and we need to set house rules that make things fair for all parties, the business, the supplier and especially the client. Contact us directly if you have further enquiries.