Due to the varied nature of the products we sell delivery times will vary depending on what has been ordered (for example handmade orders have longer lead times), where it is going, delivery speed chosen, public holidays and the like.

As much as we would like to give you definite time frames, this will not be possible. We will instead give you estimated time frames for the products we sell. In addition to this, when an order is made you will be supplied with tracking details that will give you the ability to track your order.


This will be the standard lead time for most items. This will be especially true if the item is in stock and on location. Some products are handmade and can be completed within that time frame. Usually books, some fashion and certain crafts are readily available unless otherwise stated. It is always wise to check the products information. You can either give us a call, email us or reach us in real time via our live chat function if you want to be sure.


This lead time is mostly associated with products that are handmade or products that are not physically in stock and are a great distance away. As you may know, a lot of the products sold on Reka Afrika are very unique and exclusive so you may find that at many times there is only a few (or even one) versions of a product. Other items come in different configurations as selected by you (which increases the lead time) and some are just very delicate and need time to make and deliver properly.


Yes, this is a long wait, but some orders are worth it. This lead time is reserved for the orders that are a lot more complicated to fulfill. This could be either because of their size (as we do have some huge products), what they are made of (wood for example has issues crossing borders sometimes) and distance. At the end of the day it will all depend on how soon things clear at customs. This is for international orders of cause. Delivery will obviously be shorter for local orders.

The information highlighted above is meant to be a guideline and we will aim to give an estimate for each product on our website.