Reka Afrika aims to offer the most cost effective shipping rates to all our clients.

At all times we will endeavor to lessen the lead time of all orders. Reka Afrika also ships all across South Africa. By using our carefully selected courier partners we aim to get your order to you as fast and as cheaply as possible.

For efficiency Reka Afrika does not use postal addresses to make deliveries. This is because, as we may all know, the postal service is not only slow but very unreliable. The beauty of using couriers is that we can offer our clients the ability to track their orders every step of the way. Not only that, we are able to offer different delivery options tailored for your different urgencies as well as preferences.

Unfortunately no deliveries will take place over the weekend unless by exclusive special arrangement and only if possible. Most couriers do not offer a weekend service ,and those that do offer it as a very hefty price tag. We will help where we can but Reka Afrika is closed on Sabbaths and can only help on Sunday’s if possible.

In all other possible situations Reka Afrika will fulfill orders on its own using our own resources.


As you may know shipping across borders can be a tricky affair but we at RekaAfrica.com are always on mission to make the process as simple as possible.

Due to the diverse nature of our products there may be shipping delays or even problems due to customs. To avoid unnecessary disappointment be sure to email us or give us a call in regard to a particular product and we will try and give you as much information as possible relating to the processes it will take to get to you.

Another important thing to note is cost. Shipping internationally is considerably more expensive than shipping locally so bare this in mind. We will contact our courier partners and source the best quotation to get your order to you. If you are satisfied with what we present to you, we will then go forward with the processing of your order.

It is also important to note that all duties and taxes will be paid by the client.

For more information on delivery times please link to our “Estimated Delivery” page.